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Very heavy rain now in Norman Oklahoma at 10:00am US Central Time, Monday 15 July 2013. The center of the primary mass is on top of Oklahoma City right now, a short distance north of Norman. Radar shows the mass is on the outer arm of a large hurricane like spiral, with its center near Amarillo Texas. The rain here is on the eastern edge of the spiral, which is turning counter-clockwise, so the area of rain here is headed north-northwest. Flooding is possible here and in Oklahoma City. Moore Oklahoma is no doubt having a problem with this in its tornado damages areas. The parking lot where I live is now flooded from one side to the other. The drain might be clogged, and/or the creek that runs through the eastern side of this apartments complex is about to overflow. Raining is coming down so hard right now that I can barely see the apartment building on the other side of the parking lot.

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